Tumble Duster 8’

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An innovative twist on an old-world design.

The Centrum Force Rug Tumbler turns a time-proven, old-world tool in the rug cleaning craft into a fresh, contemporary, and highly effective tool for your shop or plant. This well-built piece of equipment both dusts dirty rugs and softens and polishes clean ones.

The Tumble Duster is constructed of powder coated steel and driven by an ultra-reliable Baldor motor, the Rug Tumbler rotates in timed, alternating directions, tossing and gently bending a rug’s pile and foundation in a way that enables it to effectively give up embedded soil.

The Centrum Force Tumble Duster & Polisher can be used at the beginning or at the end of your rug cleaning process. It uses the gentle tumbling action of a rotating chamber to gently remove dust and particulates from multiple rugs in either a dedicated dusting room or outdoor environment.

The Tumble Duster can also be used to provide a finishing polish for a wonderful sheen and soft hand. The same tumbling action used to remove dust and debris also provides a wonderfully soft hand and beautiful sheen to the textile.

The Tumble Duster restores the beautiful sheen of precious silk rugs after drying.

Also available in 6 and 10 foot chamber widths

Typical Tumbler Setups
The Tumble Duster is optimally installed in an in-plant enclosure which is equipped with a dust collection system. It can also be used outdoors. Some higher volume customers choose to acquire a pair of machines, one for pre-wash dusting and one for post wash finishing.

Prices are subject to change without notice due to the unstable costs of steel.

Price: $20,900.00

Product Name: Tumble Duster 8’
Dimensions (L x W x H): 122 x 60 x 68
Electrical Requirements: 220/30 amp
Weight: 1700lbs

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