Wolverine Rug Duster

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With its two 24" rollers, the Wolverine Rug Duster holds rugs flat while it effectively removes dust. This proprietary design has a huge advantage over wheels because the rollers hold and secure the ends. Unlike other machines on the market, there is no chance of tangling the fringe when used properly.

The push⁄pull portable rug dusting machine has a handle that rotates 180 degrees. The on⁄off lever is conveniently located on the handlebar. The body housing is made out of sturdy 12 gauge steel, and the motor housing is 16 gauge steel. This robust design helps our machine run quietly by limiting the vibration common in other machines.

The Wolverine Rug Duster is equipped with a full 1 hp Baldor drive motor, which is an industry standard for industrial equipment. It operates off a 110 volt conventional wall receptacle.

For the smaller rug cleaning facility, we have a solution. Simply place the area rugs face down on our special grid, which allows the dust and dirt to fall from the surface and roll the duster onto the back of the rug. When ready, just pull the trigger on the handle and walk the unit across the back of the rug. Start at one end of the rug and walk to the other end. The vibrating straps of the Wolverine begin to shake loose all the accumulated dry particulate soil. Move as fast or slowly as you wish for the best results. You are in control!

Now you can start removing pounds of soil trapped in the back of your clients’ area rugs. Return them knowing they are dry and particulate free.

The Wolverine’s innovative full width rollers help to keep the rug flat and hold the fringes in place so they are undamaged during the dusting process. The unique pivoting handle, makes cleaning a breeze. At the end of the rug, simply flip the handle over and begin walking back in the opposite direction. There are no more awkward attempts at spinning the machine around, which can cause wrinkles and is a waste of time.

The handle is adjustable and comes with a trigger safety switch. No need to fumble with a little push button; simply let go of the lever’s trigger, and the machine stops immediately.

Heavier gauge steel makes the unit quieter to operate as well as more effective. The Wolverine also comes with a 1 horsepower Baldor motor to drive the belts. This is one of the best American made electric motors with an outstanding performance record and warranty!

Easy to operate
Lay the rug face down on one of our metal dusting grids. This lifts it above the floor and creates a space for soils and particulates to fall. Glide the Wolverine across the backside of the rug. The rotating straps create impact vibrations that loosen the trapped soils deep in the pile of the rug. Simple to use and extremely effective!

Swingable handle for bi-directional dusting
The Wolverine’s handle swings 180 degrees, allowing back and forth movement across rugs without turning the machine around.

Prices are subject to change without notice due to the unstable costs of steel.

Price: $3,900.00


Product Name: Wolverine Rug Duster
Dimensions (L x W x H): 36" x 25" x 29"
Electrical Requirements: 110/20amp
Weight: 153lbs
Dusting Width: 24"



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