Virtual Professional Rug Care Workshop - 08/13/20

Virtual Professional Rug Care Workshop - 08/13/20

When we originally planned the August 13th event months ago, we saw the pandemic on a downward trend nationwide. As we all know, things can change overnight during this current health crisis. It is in the best interest of everyone involved not to move forward with an in-person hands-on course. Instead, we will be doing so virtually in a Webinar virtual platform. The curriculum will be the same with added surprise bonuses introduced. Note, the first registrants will receive automatically with their registration either a free Centrum Force stainless steel spotting paddle or rug squeegee. These will be shipped free upon course completion. The online course will be interactive and fun. Zoom will be the platform. The location will include site work at our host location, Area Rug Cleaning Company.

Date: August 13, 2020

Registration: $399 per person



All Events Subject to Time Changes

Thursday: August 13, 2020

7:30 - 8:00: Registration and virtual meet and greet over coffee or tea

8:00 - 8:30: Orientation of shop layout and review day of activity

8:30 - 9:00: Walk through and I can explain the flow of rug care from
check-in to dusting, to washing, to spin drying, to hanging to dry, etc.

9:00 - 11:45: On the wash floor for discussions and demonstrations

  1. First part talk about rug construction
  2. Discuss approach to washing given rug type

12:00 - 1:00: Break for lunch - A discussion over lunch what all had just witnessed on the wash floor and entertain questions while eating.

1:00 - 2:00: Marketing Presentation by Timothy Miller from Local Search Essentials.

2:00 - 5:00: Back to the wash floor for more instruction and entertain questions

5:00: Break for dinner

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Tom Monahan

Tom Monahan founded Wolverine Carpet and Furniture Cleaning along with Area Rug Cleaning Company back in 1977. He successfully operated the businesses until he sold them both in 2019. As one that has been in the trenches, he personally knows the struggles and has successfully navigated through the varied economic climates that spanned over his 42 years in the on-location and in-plant cleaning industry.

Back in 2007 he entered an industry that designs, manufactures and sells rug cleaning equipment. The company known as Centrum Force. Since then has been providing a huge amount of passion and enthusiasm for the business, the craft, and the people in it. In 2012 he managed the acqusition of the legendary company having now over a 70 year legacy, MOR Time Saving Equipment. Tom emerged in these enterprises, not as manufacturing executive or engineer, but as rug washer; who to this day has worked in the field and consulted in shops to deliver the very best cleaning services to our customers. The goal was to create equipment that could both delight our customers and make our businesses more successful. Equipment that could give the ability to do more in less time and with less money and labor.

Centrum Force is all about bringing those same things to your rug cleaning enterprise.

Doug Heiferman - has trained and motivated thousands of individuals in the field of textile cleaning and restoration services throughout the United States for the past 25 years. He is an IICRC Approved Instructor, Certified Master Textile Cleaner, FCITS Certified Carpet Inspector, NYS Licensed Mold Remediation Supervisor, NYS Licensed Home Inspector Trainer, and additionally holds certification in upholstery cleaning, odor control, water damage, repair and reinstallation, health and safety and color repair.

As an IICRC Approved Instructor Doug teaches a wide array of classes including IICRC certified carpet, upholstery and odor control technician. He also offers specialized training classes in water damage restoration, leather, oriental rugs, rug cleaning, tile and grout, wood as well as marketing and management seminars.

One of Doug’s favorite classes to teach is hands-on rug cleaning. Doug is an admirer of the beauty and cultural aspects woven treasures have to offer and enjoys sharing this passion with his students. In addition to his love of teaching, Doug provides consulting, business development and technical support services through his company DH Seminars. The reward is to see students become skilled technicians and the small business owner to grow and prosper.

Doug has worked his way up in the industry with his beginnings as an owner/operator of a successful textile cleaning and restoration company in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Prior to working in the industry he gained valuable business experience working for Fortune 500 corporations in the areas of finance and customer service. He has college degrees in Business Administration and Political Science.

Doug resides in New York with his wife, Mary and daughter, Erin. When not working Doug enjoys the outdoors and always loves a good meal.

Tim MillerTim Miller
Tim is a local marketing specialist and consultant with Local Search Essentials, based in St. Augustine, Florida. Tim feels there is nothing more rewarding than having the opportunity to listen to business owners, talk about their challenges, and use our knowledge and experience to help them become more successful. The rewards that come from that, and the support of my wonderful family & friends are what drives me every day.


Workshop functions will be held virtually at Area Rug Cleaning Company.

We are following the lead of educators in the field of health and safety to discontinue in person, hands-on training until further notice.