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Centrum Force is proud to be Ergin Makina’s exclusive North America's sales arm and distributor in North America which includes the US, Canada and Mexico. All machines will be built to Centrum Force’s specifications, including electronics and other critical features required to smoothly install in rug cleaning plants of all sizes. Centrum Force will provide the same exemplary service and support for Ergin Makina machines as it does for all of its Centrum and MOR products.

Ergin Machinery has been in industrial rug cleaning machines manufacturing sector for over half a century and also became the leader of its sector with understanding of quality, reliability and innovation. Its manufacturing facility includes 45,000 square feet of modern workspace. Manufactured products include: rug washing machines, rug wringing machines, rug preparation machines, rug dusting machines, rug packing machines, industrial washing machines, hydroextractors, also other machines for cleaning clothes.

Prices start at $10,000 and go to $42,000 depending on the model and specifications. Contact Tom for more information at 1-734-260-5038 or

Rug Washing Machine
Rug Wringing Machine
Rug Dusting Machine
Rug Dusting Machine
Rug Brushing, Vacuuming and Rolling Machine

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