Wet Rug Loader - Manual

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Moving soaking wet rugs around your shop can take a big toll on the upper and lower back as well as the arm and shoulder muscles. To ease this problem, Centrum force offers our Wet Rug Loaders. This innovative device is designed to precisely match the cylinder height of any model of our Centri-Maxx Rug-Wringing Centrifuges. it enables easy and strain-free loading, unloading and movement of rugs across your shop.

The Wet Rug loader is constructed of strong and corrosion-free aluminum.

Rugs up to 300 lbs are easily lifted at the touch of a simple rocker switch. 


The Centrum Force Wet Rug Manual Loader is designed for a MAXIMUM weight of 300 lbs. This weight enables operators to the device with all but the very largest rugs that are fully soaked with water. In addition, the Wet Rug Loader is for use with ONE INDIVIDUAL USER. If two or more users pull down on the leverage bar in order to lift a rug that is heaver than 300 lbs. this unit may experience failure in the form of metal fatigue or broken welds. Such failure, in addition to damaging the equipment, risks injury to the device's operator. Centrum Force is hereby indemnified for any such failure or any related injuries when the Wet Rug Loader is operated improperly according to these guidelines.

Price: $3950.00

Product Name: Manual Wet Rug Loader
Dimensions (L x W x H): 120 x 55 x 46
Electrical Requirements: N/A




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