Centri-Maxx 14' (Stainless Steel Finish)

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Centrum Force proudly designs and manufactures the most successful, well-built line of rug-wringing centrifuges in the business: the Centri-Maxx®. Leveraging patented technologies, the Centri-Maxx enhances any production rug cleaning plant by removing over 90% of moisture from rugs of almost any thickness in 3 minutes or less. This allows even heavy and dense textiles such as ninety-line hand-knotted Chinese rugs, to be processed quickly and efficiently.

Removes Contaminants
The Centri-Maxx is also an exceptional tool for removing urine and other contaminants from rugs. Using a combination of centrifugal force, water irrigation and effective chemistry, contaminants are flushed out of rugs better than any other method!

Variable Speed and Direction Control
The Centri-Maxx has a variable spin control which enables the rotation speed to be adjusted from zero to 950 rpm. This adjustability allows the operator to determine which speed is best for processing any given rug.

No Walking
Every Centri-Maxx is equipped with patented shock absorbers that eliminate “walking".

Thorough Rinsing
Access is provided to enable the operator to rinse the rug with water while spinning, allowing thorough rinsing.

Stainless Steel
The Centri-Max is available with either an industrial stainless steel cylinder. The stainless steel model is especially ideal for long, corrosion-free service in heavy rug use plants. Engineered with a perforated design to provide maximum water removal.

Eliminates Post-Drying Fringe Detailing
By removing residual dirt and water that ordinarily flows down into fringes during hang drying, the Centri-Maxx virtually eliminates time-consuming fringe detailing. Just brush out, and you’re done.

Prices are subject to change without notice due to the unstable costs of steel.

Price: $54,250.00

Product Name: Centri-Maxx 14' Single Port Series
Dimensions (L x W x H): 184 x 41 x 52
Electrical Requirements: 220 volt/60 amp single or 3 phase power
Weight: 4400lbs

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