Ergin Rug Dusting Machine

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Ergin Rug Dusting Machine: 14" Flat Bed Duster

Introducing the Ergin Flat Bed Area Rug Dusting Machine – your essential partner in the first step of the rug cleaning journey. Designed with precision and efficiency in mind, this machine plays a crucial role in removing dust and dirt embedded within your area rugs, setting the stage for a thorough cleaning process.

Key Features:

  1. Effortless Operation: The Ergin Flat Bed Area Rug Dusting Machine is crafted for simplicity. With only start, stop, and reverse operation buttons, it ensures a user-friendly experience.

  2. Strategic Loading: Area rugs are easily loaded from the front side, emphasizing the importance of center placement. This strategic loading ensures optimal performance during the dusting process.

  3. Automated Beating Cylinders: Upon pressing the start button, the area rug seamlessly moves into the machine, where powerful beating cylinders are strategically located. These cylinders work diligently to beat the rugs upside down, effectively freeing them from dust, dirt, and particulates.

  4. Dual Dusting Action: The machine doesn't stop at a single dusting pass. After the initial process, a sensor automatically initiates a reverse cycle, subjecting the area rug to an additional second dusting. 

  5. Efficient Staff Utilization: The Ergin Area Rug Dusting Machine requires only one staff member, streamlining your cleaning process and optimizing human resources.

  6. Space-Saving Design: These machines can be conveniently placed against a wall, as area rugs return to the front side. This not only maximizes floor space but also eliminates the need for bending down to collect rugs or the requirement for a second person to retrieve rugs from behind.

  7. User-Friendly and Ergonomic: Ergin Machinery is dedicated to producing not only high-quality, high-performance, and innovative area rug cleaning machines but also prioritizes user-friendliness and ergonomic design. Experience a seamless and comfortable operation with every use.

Invest in the Ergin Flat Bed Area Rug Dusting Machine and elevate your rug cleaning process to new heights. With its innovative features, automated efficiency, and ergonomic design, this machine is a testament to the commitment to quality area rug care. Make every rug cleaning endeavor a breeze with Ergin.

Size: 13' 9" Conveyor Bed Width 

Price: $22,490

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Product Name: Ergin Rug Dusting Machine

Dimensions (L x W x H): 197" x 60" x 50"

Weight: 2336 lbs

Electrical Requirements: 230v 3-Phase/20amp

Below are available options for the flat bed duster that can be added to the base cost:

+ Transparent top
+ Tub
+ Belt speed control
+ Vacuum
+ Automatic system that drops the rugs to a cart or tub
+ Wheels
+ The dusters can be designed with different exit location for rugs:
    Below (from front side)
    Rear side