Quik Rug Rack



The Quik Rug Rack hanging system is the perfect addition to any small rug cleaning shop that can’t afford or do not have enough room for larger drying towers. The system is also useful for larger plants that want an overflow drying rack or one that can be rolled outside for fresh air drying. easily set up and torn down, the Quik Rug Rack hanging system is built from heavy gauge steel with a rust-resistant coating designed for wet rug washing environments.

In addition to drying, the Quik Rug Rack hanging system can also be used for special wash processing while rugs hang.

    Ease Of Use
    The unit is designed to allow the operator to easily hang heavy rugs by enabling poles to be “walked up” secure steel brackets that are built into the front of the system.

    Designed for Quick Assembly & Disassembly

    • Quickly assembled and stowed
    • 6 poles, 13 ft wide
    • Castors for easy movement 
    • Strong construction 
    • Great for overflow storage
    • Portable enough to be taken on-site for disaster/recovery

    Prices are subject to change without notice due to the unstable costs of steel.

    Price: $3,725.00

    Shipping not included in this price, Please contact us for a freight ship quote (517) 857-4774.


    Product Name: Quik Rug Rack Hanging System
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 166" x 78" x 83" (13.83' X 6.5' X 6.72')
    Electrical Requirements: N/A
    Weight: 550lbs

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