"Problem rugs are no longer a problem"

"Problem rugs are no longer a problem"

At Aquamist, we have been using the Centrum Wash Tub, Centri-Maxx® centrifuge and Wolverine portable duster for about three months. We are very pleased with the superior cleaning results we have achieved. Before receiving our new equipment, our area rug cleaning process required several days and multiple steps to achieve the meticulous standard of care for which we strive. With the new equipment, and the support of Greg and Tom at Centrum, we have attained that standard in one cleaning cycle.

We have found the Wolverine portable duster to be more rugged and durable than its competitor, which we had been using for more than a year. The pivoting handle is particularly helpful when changing directions while dusting.

The washtub and centrifuge are an unbeatable combo. Like modern high efficiency washing machines, these two pieces of equipment are effective, efficient and very versatile. They gave the cleaner the ability to set the right "cleaning cycle" for the job. The more we work with our new equipment, the more we are learning how pre-treatment, dwell time, rinsing, and spinning can be employed in a variety of combinations to produce spectacular results. We were excited from day one and continue to be very impressed as we use the equipment on the full range of cleaning challenges. Problem rugs are no longer a problem, and the challenges of detailing have greatly diminished. Thanks Centrum.

It's May 5th, 2009, and we are excited.

Since the recent installation of the new vibration isolators on our Centri-Maxx® rug wringing centrifuge, the vibration from even large rugs with an off-balanced load is completely absorbed. No vibration is felt on our shop floor, and there is no walking or movement from the equipment, even though it is not bolted down. We are delighted with this new development!

Dennis Howard and Jeff Butler
Aquamist Carpet Care Ltd.
Victoria, British Columbia

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