"Excellent visual results but also saves valuable time"

"Excellent visual results but also saves valuable time"

Bill Tremblay, takes delivery of new equipment in May. Greg Turcotte went to Rhode Island to spend a day mentoring him and his staff. Bill and Joe Creamer, owner of the company, had previously visited Michigan to view our equipment in operation.

Bill processes 40-50 rugs a day with a Centrum Star wash tub and the Centri–Maxx® rug wringing centrifuge. The Wolverine Duster, not pictured here, has also helped him produce outstanding results.

Bill had previously acquired a twenty–pole rug hanging system, but he used a wash pit and truck mounted extractors. Now with his new equipment, he can fill his hanging poles with almost no post fringe touch–ups. The combination of a thorough wash, together with what the wringer provides in three minutes or less, not only creates excellent visual results but also saves valuable time.

"We’ve been using the Wolverine Duster, the Centum Star washer and the centrifuge wringer for about three weeks. The finished product is excellent. We are able to remove much more soil, sand and spots than by the extraction method. After going through the system, the fringes require little or no detailing. The colors on the rugs are much brighter. For example, we rewashed an antique Heriz that we previously cleaned by extraction. The difference was remarkable. The colors now seem to pop out of the rug. Other difficult rugs (cotton, dhurrie, flokati, etc.) are far less trouble to clean."

Bill Tremblay
Carpet Cleaning Experts
Providence, Rhode Island

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