Knock-Out Cleaning Detergent (1 Case)

Our Premium Cleaning Agent For Use In The Centrum-Star Wash Tub

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Knock-Out is Centrum Force’s proprietary, micelle-infused rug laundry product. It was specifically developed to maximize cleaning effectiveness during use in our Centrum Star Wash Tub. Leveraging our nano-technology that features extremely small micelles (2-4 nm), Knock-Out coaxes soils and contaminates out of dirty rugs while “swimming” with ten or more rugs under the gentle motion of our machine’s paddle wheels.

Knock-Out’s micelle particles not only effectively break down dirt, fats and oils found in rugs, but encapsulate them, essentially taking them out of solution. This eliminates the ability for these contaminates to re-deposit themselves on any of the rugs in the tub.

Check the cleaning status of the water with the clear glass test
Knock-Out’s colloidal micelle encapsulation process effectively removes soils from the wash water. When soils are encapsulated, the water will appear clear. When the water begins to appear cloudy or soiled, the technician knows to either add more Knock-Out or change out the tub’s water.

Knock-Out targets all general dirt and soils embedded in the typical dirty rug. We highly recommend using Knock-Out together with our dye management additive, Secret Sauce.

An all-natural soap that leverages the power of micelles.
Ingredients that are derived from all-natural substances

  • Alkanolamin
  • Amino acids
  • Corn oil
  • Non-ionic surfactants
  • Plant based fatty acids
  • Organic alcohol in a base of colloidal micelles

USE: 1 quart per 1200 gal tub (to be refreshed as needed)

Price: $198.00



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