Here are some comments from people who Have attended past Rug Summit's and Workshops


"I've been to all four rug summits, and I continue to receive exceptional value because the content is always relevant. I always bring back worthwhile information which I implement right away. The mix of people and companies is really great. The chance to mingle with Robert Mann from Denver, Ateyiah Brothers from Portland, Bouchelle from Chicago, Oriental Rug Cleaning from Dallas should not be missed. I look forward to the next one."

- Bob Carr, Carr’s Rug Cleaning - Knoxville, TN



"I wanted to tell you that we loved the Rug Summit and had a great time! Thank you for the invite we learned a lot and made some new friends to boot!"

- Karen Hollis, Cosmopolitan Rug Cleaning - TX



"It’s great that everyone shares what knowledge they have to better our industry."

- Karl Heinrich, Buschelle Rug Cleaning - Chicago, IL



"Thank you two for putting together such a wonderful rug summit. After the first day of the rug summit, I was very excited and laid in bed thinking about everything I learned. I finally had what I needed to grow my business. I'm very impressed by the quality of people who attended the event and were open about sharing ideas. Most people were just normal chaps looking for ways to grow their own businesses. To rub shoulders with guys such as Carl and Robert Mann who do a phenomenal volume of rug washing was inspiring. I am lost for words and humbled to be in their presence. Of course there were lots of other interesting guys, too. I wish there was more time to get to know each one of them better and call them a friend.

I'm excited about a number of things that were brought up, especially the video. I'm very interested in buying the rights to your video that educates consumers on rug cleaning and incorporates a strong call to action.

As a result of the event, I filled out the form and put my credit card down to be a member of ARCS. I look forward to being involved with this association and meeting other fine people seeking membership to this organization. I talked to Armin about getting involved.

Lastly, I'd like to learn more about your computer software that is such an essential part of your rug cleaning operation. It was great to site with Greg and Robert Mann and talk about customizing the software to meet my specific needs.

Again, thank you for the terrific summit. You two are fine gentlemen."

- Bill Thornton, Oriental Rug Carpet"