Wet Rug Loader - Air Powered

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Moving soaking wet rugs around your shop can take a big toll on the upper and lower back as well as the arm and shoulder muscles. To ease this problem, Centrum force offers our Air-powered Wet Rug loaders. This innovative device is designed to precisely match the cylinder height of any model of our Centri-Maxx Rug-Wringing Centrifuges. It enables easy and strain-free loading, unloading and movement of rugs across your shop.

The Wet Rug loader is constructed of strong and corrosion-free aluminum

Using standard 100 PSI compressed air, any size rug is easily lifted from the floor with a single switch. It is then easily transported to the exact height of any Centri-Maxx centrifuge.

Tough PVC rollers are equipped with bearings for silky smooth gliding of heavy wet rugs into the Centri-Maxx.

Rugs up to 500 lbs are easily lifted at the touch of a simple rocker switch. 

Prices are subject to change without notice due to the unstable costs of steel.

Price: $8,675.00

Product Name: Air Powered Wet Rug Loader
Dimensions (L x W x H): 120 x 55 x 46
Electrical Requirements: Air Pressure
Weight: 850lbs




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