The Rug Sucker Set (1 Pack)

This lightweight tool gives the most versatility to the most serious area rug washing enthusiast. Simply connect multiple Rug Suckers together to the right length and roll the area rug around the Rug Sucker. Connect to your portable extractor or truck mount and begin flushing and extracting. With the capability to flush, rinse and extract you will not only save time and money but clean rugs more effectively all at the same time!

Everyone Loves Dimples
What do we mean by that? Well put simply, the newly designed Rug Sucker™ features dimples which not only increases air flow but it makes the air flow even and efficient. Another benefit of these dimples is that you get better extraction on the rug you are cleaning.

Package Includes:

  • Two 3-foot Rug Suckers
  • 1 Swivel Sight Elbow
  • 1 Vent Cap

* U.S. & International Patents Pending. The new generation rug sucker model is replacing the original models.

Benefits & Features

  • Low Cost: Clean rugs without the high cost of expensive equipment
  • Versatile: Wash, rinse, flush, and extract any rug, fabric, and weave
  • Save Time: Quick drying saves time and money, eliminating any yellowing of the fringes
  • Lightweight: Convenient and lightweight so you can bring on any job site
  • Clear Swivel Elbow: See when the rug has been completely flushed of dirt
  • Vent Cap: Adjust the air flow depending on the material, type, and weave
  • Dimpled Surface: Dimples have greater impact on performance: even, efficient, and increased airflow
  • Connector Cuff: The sets have the capability to be variety of rug sizes

Price: $399.00

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