Dry Towers X Series C

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The Centrum force X-series electric Hoist system is the premiere rug hanging system of it's kind, built for all serious rug cleaning shops. in its standard configuration, it stands 12 feet tall and comes with ten 13 foot poles. This allows it to hang over 2000 square feet of rug. 

The X-series has an innovative hoist system that leverages a fault free driveshaft driven by a legendary, American-made Baldor motor. This system truly makes hanging even large rugs simple and easy on the back.

The X-series is constructed with sturdy, powder-coated steel and is gusset-reinforced, giving it the ability to stand freely without the need for anchoring to floors or walls.

Solidly engineered motor, pulley, cable and rug pole componentry that are designed to operate flawlessly for many years.

Powder-coated heavy gauge steel components and beefy, gusseted construction makes the X-Series the most solid in the industry..

In-plant rug cleaning operations across North America rely on Centrum Force’s X-Series Electric Hoist Rug Hanging system to deliver superior performance every day.


  • Solid, free-standing design
  • Hangs up to 2000 sq ft of rug
  • Ten, 13.3 ft poles standard
  • Smooth, highly reliable hoist system  
  • Powder-coated steel construction 
  • Highest quality componentry
  • Operates on 110 VAC power


Product Name:Dry Towers X Series C
Dimensions (L x W x H): Customizable
Electrical Requirements: 110/20amp
Weight: 2000lbs

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