Fringe Plus Fringe & Pile Cleaning Agent - Gel/Paste (1 Barrel = 55 Gallons)

Incredibly Effective Fringe & Face Yarn Cleaner

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Fringe Plus is "target specific" against grime and grease, as well as ordinary grounded in soil. Fringe Plus does not contain bleach or perfumes. May be used as a gel on the fringe. Brush in and thereafter rinse with water. The "Plus" is that it mixes easily with water to make a dynamic shampoo to use most effectively on the face fibers and back of hand-woven and machine-made rugs. Safe on all fiber content and rinses with water easily.

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"100% safe on every rug"

Fringe Plus is the best fringe cleaner we have found, we are able to remove stains that we used to have treated with fringe damaging bleach...

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"The right choice for us."

Robert Mann Oriental Rugs Dear Tom, Having the Centri-Maxx® and Wash Tub in our plant for a few months now I can say we are very pleased...

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