Ergin Rug Washing Machine

Ergin Rug Washing Machine

Carpet & Rug Washing Machines come in various sizes and features:

Dirt, dust and impurities are expelled quickly with the in depth effect by the roller-type brushes. Detergent and pressurized water are deployed to surface of the carpet by ‘go & come’ system. In this way, dirt, dust and impurities are expelled completely from the carpet surface. According to carpet size, the brushes pressure is adjusted automatically by the machine. Whether thin pile or thick, you will not be required to make a separate action. ‘Go & come’ system and brushes are sensitive to the pile height of the carpet.

Note: The system will stop automatically if there is no carpet. This feature provides water, electricity and detergent savings.

Machine wash stages respectively: Detergent deployed, pre-wash, main wash, rinse, roll and rinse the back surface and wash.

In the manufacturing of machine parts: the use AISI 304 stainless CrNi ( Chromium ) materials. These metals are resistant to water and chemicals used in normal cleaning. All electrical connections on the machines and motors are located accessibly and incased in the materials used. Thus electrical connections and the motor are protected from the adverse effects of water and moisture.

Size of Bed Ranges:  From approximately 9 foot width to 14 foot width with a variety of features and options to be determined.

Costs: Ranges from $30,000 - $42,000 depending on size and options included.

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