"Reduces the drying time down to 6–8 hours"

"Reduces the drying time down to 6–8 hours"

"It has been two years since I purchased my Centri–Maxx® rug wringer from you. I want to thank you for building quality equipment. I have had no problems or concerns with this wringer. Your stabilizers keep the wringer from any off–balance vibration, my wringer has not moved a centimeter. The speed dial allows me to adjust the speed for each rug, as high or as low as I want the rug to spin. Your wringer removes the maximum amount of water, which reduces the drying time down to 6–8 hours in my humid state of Florida. I also bought a drying tower from you about five or six years ago that has been worry free. Again, thank you for building the quality equipment that I can count on to perform day in and day out."

Thank you,

Linda Plunkett CRS, CFS
AWPOV Rug Specialist, Inc
Brooksville, Florida

June 14, 2009

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