"No deposits left in the rug"

"No deposits left in the rug"

"I have had my Centri–Maxx® for about a year now, and I can say it has made my rug cleaning easier with better results. I no longer waste time re–cleaning rug fringes because the Centri–Maxx® spins out most of the water. The rugs are drier going into the drying room, which cuts down the drying time. The rugs have a very soft hand to them as the spinning action will spin out the water and the last of any residue. Thus, there are no deposits left in the rug to make the stiffen the fibers. My clients are very pleased with the look and feel of their rugs."

Thank you,

Linda Plunkett CRS, CFS
AWPOV Rug Specialist, Inc
Brooksville, Florida

July 29, 2008

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