Rug Summit 6

MAY 1-2, 2012

It was the spring of 2009 when the idea hit Centrum Force co-founders Greg Turcotte and Tom Monahan. Create a two day event that would bring together fellow rug washers from across America and beyond. Make it super informative yet informal and relaxed. Bring in industry luminaries and experts to share their techniques and knowledge. Host it in close proximity to a successful,rug cleaning facility. And most of all, make it a fun experience where ideas and experience would be easily shared and friendships blossom.

Well, it worked! Hundreds of rug washing pros like you have gathered for five of these highly successful one and two-day Rug Summits.

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Now it's time for Rug Summit 6

Join us May 1 at Pettyjohn's Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Services in Wake Forest,
North Carolina for an extraordinary day of learning and networking.
We are excited to announce a number of great incentives for participants of this year's Rug Summit!

We will hold a raffle for a FREE copy of the Comprehensive Guide to Oriental & Specialty Rug Cleaning for those in attendance only. This is a $500 value!

Each participant will receive a $25 discount offer including content on chemical testing, technician training and company verification. Attendees will be given a code number to get the $25 off.

Each participant will receive a free report & analysis of their digital marketing strategy with specific opportunities for improvement identified.

Lots of Great Presentations!

Tim Miller, Local Search Essentials
Understanding the consumer's buying journey for rug cleaners: Strategies to help build your brand and keep top of mind awareness.

Bryan O'Haleck CRS, DA Burns
How the visual design and ambiance of your facility can give you a winning edge with your customers.

Mel Maher Sr., NC Binding
A hands-on demonstration of carpet cutting, binding and shearing machines.

Bruce Snell, BSG International
Breaking through the 4 primary barriers to quality.

Howard Morris, Principal, Howard Morris: Strategic Marketing & Creative Development
Creating and using video content to tell your company's story.