Machine Parts

MOR machines are built with hundreds of individual components. Some of these parts have been custom machined or casted for their specific design, while others may be available off-the-shelf. At MOR/Centrum Force, we maintain an inventory of both categories of parts. Where necessary, we will re-create a specialized part to factory specs in order to return your machine to optimal operation. We maintain a complete listing of parts and other components, and are happy to provide you with fast and cost-effective replacement.

To order parts, call our office in Albion, Michigan at 517- 857-4774. We will be able to help you with tracking down what you need and provide you with complete pricing and shipping charges.



Success Stories


"High quality cleaning results"

"I have been washing rugs by total immersion for twelve years. Since I acquired a Centrum Force® system in September 2008, I have...

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"The right choice for us."

Robert Mann Oriental Rugs Dear Tom, Having the Centri-Maxx® and Wash Tub in our plant for a few months now I can say we are very pleased...

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