MOR 13' Rinse-Wringer

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This is the 13’ wide version of the MOR Rinse-Wringer. Using highly efficient spray jets and precision wringer rollers, this machine thoroughly rinses and extracts floor or tub washed rugs leaving them ready for the drying room.

Product Name: MOR 13' Rinse-Wringer
Machine Dimensions: 66” wide X 195” long X 80” tall with a load height of 19” off the floor to the conveyor belt.
Weight: Approx 12,000 lbs
Electrical Requirements: 230 volt 3 phase power
With pressure boost pump: 100 amps
Without pressure boost pump: 30 amps
Electrical Controls: Can be ordered with the electric on the left or the right side.
The operation buttons are mounted on the electrical cabinet.
Water Supply: 20 GPM is required
The inlet of the pump is 1” NPT.
There are 2- 4” NPT couplings for drains.
One on each end of the machine, these will have to be plumbed to a drain on location.
Air Supply: An air compressor is required to compress the wringer rolls and also separate the wringer rolls. Need to maintain 100 PSI of air to maintain the correct compression.

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