Super Clean 16 Wash-Wringer

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The Super Clean 16 is our latest generation of all-in-one rug cleaning machines. This remarkable workhorse is designed with numerous features to significantly improve the efficiency and throughput of any high-capacity shop. Engineered to compliment and enhance a variety of different workflows and cleaning styles, the Super Clean 16 can help you dramatically reduce rug-washing labor costs by up to 60% while delivering exceptional product quality.

Built to handle rugs up to 16’ wide, this machine thoroughly infuses rugs with soap and high pressure water while its moving scrubber brush head gently coaxes dirt from the pile. Precision controls allow the operator to customize the pressures any rug is subjected to as well as the speed that it travels through the machine. After washing, a thorough rinsing stage removes all detergents, soaps and residual dirt from both the front and back of each rug. Finally, a third wringing stage removes up to 90% of the moisture in the rug and then rolls each rug up as it exits the machine.


  • Soaker lines deploy detergents or just plain water as the rug enters the machine
  • Movable spray bar with jets deploy water pressure by fully adjustable pumps.
  • Linear moving speed adjustable carriage equipped with rotary brushes that either can be used or lifted out of the way when not in use.
  • Various spray lines span the width of the machine to deploy water pressure to rinse on both the front and back of the rugs being conveyed through the machine.
  • Compression Wringers to squeeze the water out of the rug as it exits upon picker rollers that then roll the rug up.

Product Name: Super Clean 16 Wash-Wringer
Machine Dimensions: 120” wide X 240” long
Weight: Approx 24,000 lbs
Electrical Requirements: The SC-16 requires three electrical circuits:
1. 230 volt 30 amp 3 phase power
Motor drive and related components
2. 230 volt , 100 amp, 3 phase power
Pump station #1 (2 pumps)
3. 230 volt , 100 amp, 3 phase power
Pump station #2 (2 pumps)
Electrical Controls: Can be ordered with the electric on the left or the right side.
The operation buttons are mounted on the electrical cabinet.
Water Supply: Each of 4 pumps require 20 GPM (80 GPM total)
The inlet of the pump is 1” NPT.
There are 2- 4” NPT couplings for drains.
One on each end of the machine, these will have to be plumbed to a drain on location.
Air Supply: An air compressor is required to compress the wringer rolls and also separate the wringer rolls. Need to maintain 100 PSI of air to maintain the correct compression.

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