On-site Evaluation

The first step for many MOR operators is simply having their machine(s) evaluated. We are happy to offer a service where we will travel to your shop and go through the mechanical and operational state of your equipment in detail. We will:

  • Evaluate and diagnose problems that you and your crew identify
  • Fully evaluate and diagnose the operational state of your MOR equipment
  • Evaluate the state of belts, guides, sprockets, chains and other mechanical components
  • Look for hidden areas of corrosion, disrepair and age- related wear
  • Perform a complete operational and safety check of the electrical components of your MOR equipment
  • Help you decide whether particular equipment that does not operate is worth repairing/refurbishing
  • Perform a rough appraisal of equipment’s value
  • Help you evaluate the potential for sale of MOR equipment on the used marketplace

Following our visit we will prepare a full report and a quotation (if desired) that corresponds to your requirements, wishes and intentions.

Call for details.



Success Stories


"High quality cleaning results"

"I have been washing rugs by total immersion for twelve years. Since I acquired a Centrum Force® system in September 2008, I have...

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"The right choice for us."

Robert Mann Oriental Rugs Dear Tom, Having the Centri-Maxx® and Wash Tub in our plant for a few months now I can say we are very pleased...

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