"Savings of more than 500%"

"Savings of more than 500%"

By purchasing Centrum Force's rug washing tub, Keith Beardslee, achieved the highest level of production he has ever seen.

For ten years, he washed rugs in a shallow pool, a labor-intensive process requiring lots of water. In January, 2010, he took delivery of a wash tub and immediately realized significant cost reductions. Keith could wash many more rugs a day employing a third of the labor.

To his delight, in the first quarter of 2010, his water and sewer bill showed a saving of more than 500%! Keith had spent a mere $425. In the previous year, his quarterly bills averaged $2,365. The cost savings alone paid most of his monthly loan payment.

By using less water and employing Centrum Force's biodegradable cleaning agents, Keith gains a competitive edge and the right to promote himself as a truly green cleaning company.

Keith Beardslee
RealClean Rugs
Lebanon, New Hampshire

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