Fringe Plus: A very effective fringe and grudge cleaner

Fringe Plus: A very effective fringe and grudge cleaner

The effects can be dramatic when Fringe Plus is used. The creamy product rinses easily out with the aid of water pressure leaving fringe and face yarn in its natural state.

This is a small sample of rugs that were hanging to dry at Area Rug Cleaning Company. During the wash, they required treatment with Fringe Plus. This safely and quickly released grime that otherwise would have tarnished the look of the fringe and the whole rug really.

Fringe Plus, oriental rug fringe cleaner

Simply apply Fringe Plus using a brush on a pole. After treatment, rinse with water. Please watch our video of a demonstration that took place during an industry cleaning trade show:

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Fringe Plus is a highly effective and easy to use product designed to release soiling from the FRINGES and FACE YARNS of almost all types of fringes on oriental rugs. It safely and effectively cuts through the carbon bonds of organic dirt, grime, oil and grease molecules.

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