MOR Wash Wringer

MOR Equipment and Centrum Force Logos

Since the early 1950’s, the MOR Time-Savings Equipment Company has been designing and building innovative rug washing brush machines. In 1963 the company introduced the Roll-A-Jet, a legendary “all-in-one” machine that has been used by rug washing companies across the globe. Centrum Force’s acquisition of the MOR company in 2012 began a resurgence of innovation utilizing the very latest technology. This nearly 70 years of innovation has culminated the SC-16. This cutting-edge design uses power washing and brush scrubbing heads on a linear moving carriage across a 16-foot- wide conveyor bed. Various water rinse lines are positioned to thoroughly rinse the front and back of each rug processed. In the final stage, rugs enter the heavy-duty wringer rollers to squeeze out unwanted water as the rugs exit the machine to be hanged to dry.