Rug Summit 9

Albuquerque, New Mexico 
OCTOBER 1 & 2, 2015 


The Rug Summits: One and two day events for rug washers by rug washers.
Over the past five years, the Centrum Force Rug Summits have become one of the favorite events of rug cleaning pros, both large and small. Why? Because, from their inception, they've been both highly informative yet informal and relaxed. These are small, intimate meetings for pros in the business.

The perfect mix of learning and connecting
Each event is carefully planned to be a great mix of learning and connecting. You'll leave with ideas in your pocket that you can put to immediate use as well as new friendships and important contacts in the business. The Rug Summits give someone who may run a young, small facility the opportunity to sit and share ideas with someone who may be the third generation owner of a 100 year-old operation. You'll find that ideas flow in both directions!

Wide range of topics covered
Respected industry experts come to share their techniques and knowledge on everything from business development strategies to new chemistry and rug cleaning and repair methods. You'll come away with the latest scoop on how to leverage social media sites like Facebook for your business and how to super-charge your Website's ability to pull in new business. Each Rug Summit has an engaging and varied slate of presentations and workshops.

Rug plant tours
Each Rug Summit is held either at or in close proximity to a highly successful and well-respected rug cleaning facility. Each plant selected is open to sharing the methods and philosophies that fostered their success. A fantastic part of the program!


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