Rug Washing Equipment That Is Built To Run.

Rug Washing Equipment That Is Built To Run.

Rug Cleaning Tools Designed and Built for Professionals Who Depend on Equipment with Unfaltering Reliability and Stamina.

Anyone who owns Centrum Force or MOR rug cleaning equipment will tell you: they’re built like tanks and run for many, many years. There are imported products from China, Turkey, Greece and Poland that use cheap materials, metric standards and that don’t run natively on North American power. In stark contrast, our machines are designed and built to be production tools you can rely on. Heavy steel, industrial-strength motors, bearings, innovative and efficient design are hallmarks of our equipment. And, if you ever need support or maintenance, we are here for you 24/7/365.

Built by rug washers for rug washers, Centrum Force looks forward to serving you and your company!

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