Press Release #6: Learn All About Enzyme-Based Cleaning Products at Rug Summit 12

Press Release #6: Learn All About Enzyme-Based Cleaning Products at Rug Summit 12

DENVER — Rug Summit 12, scheduled for October 17-18 in Denver, will feature a technical topic presentation, entitled “Can Enzyme-Based Cleaning Products Be Used On Wool Rugs?”

This special presentation will be lead by Dr. Ágnes Zsednai, the managing director of The WoolSafe Organization.

How you will benefit from this presentation

As society is taking a sustained interest in preserving the planet, there is an ever-increasing demand for environmentally-friendly cleaning products. Chemical manufacturers in their quest for greener, safer products found that the use of enzymes and enzyme producing bacteria will lead to more effective cleaning, particularly of food-related contaminants, while reducing the amount of surfactant and other strong additives.

This is good for the environment, but is it acceptable in carpet cleaning? Will the enzymes in the cleaning product only attack the stain or go on digesting the very fibre we wanted to clean?

WoolSafe investigated the effect of enzymes in various commercial products on wool carpets. We compared the change in appearance over time between the treated and untreated specimens and their various, scientifically measurable wear characteristics.

All findings will be revealed in October at the Rug Summit in Denver!

Complete information and registration for this event is available on the Centrum Force site.

A PDF of the full agenda is available for download.

More details…

The popular two-day business building workshop will use the Robert Mann Rugs new Denver facility as the host location, with a program to provide industry-specific workshops to help business owners better manage and grow their rug cleaning operations.

This event will be combined back-to-back with the Association of Rug Cleaning Specialists (ARCS) In-Plant Rug Cleaning Course, a hands-on Skills Day, and a full day of opportunity to get to work side-by-side with Robert Mann.

The two-day Rug Summit will combine presentations and panel discussions on everything from cutting-edge cleaning techniques to business, marketing, and internet strategies. There will be plenty of opportunities to network with colleagues and industry experts.

Rug Summit 12 officially launches at 7:45 a.m. on Wednesday, October 17, with registration and complimentary coffee. Then attendees get right to work with the first presentation at 8:45 a.m.

Presenters for this event include:

  • Robert Mann, Robert Mann Rugs
  • Jeff Cross, executive editor, Cleanfax
  • Chuck Violand, Violand Management Associates
  • Tim Miller, Local Search Essentials
  • Randy Hyde, Renaissance Oriental Rug Cleaning
  • Dennis Grieve, Key Merchant Services
  • Agnes Zsednai and Steve Bakker, The WoolSafe Organisation

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