Cambridge Heater SA250

ARCS Members DiscountAt last! PREDICTABLE rug drying for rug washers in 5-6 hours.
Centrum Force is proud to announce our Direct-Fired Rug Drying Room System, a winning collaboration between our company and Cambridge Engineering, the leaders in energy efficient heating and ventilation technologies. We worked together with Cambridge to design a complete, scalable, flexible and technologically advanced rug drying-room heating system. Our goal was to give rug washers the ability to dry rugs with fast and predictably timed results, no matter where they are located and in what conditions of temperature and humidity. With this system, rugs are consistently dry and ready for final grooming and delivery in 6 hours or less. No longer will you have to wait 24-36 hours for rugs to dry.

Advanced heating technology from a world leader
The heater itself is a highly energy-efficient Cambridge Engineering S-Series Direct Gas-Fired blow-through space heater. Cambridge pioneered this unit’s advanced, proprietary technology, which features high-efficiency stainless steel burners that are positioned downstream from the blower. This translates into a 40-70% energy savings over other systems as well as significantly longer life for critical motor and bearing components that are kept out of the hot air stream. It’s and clean, green, energy-efficient drying room heating.

Straightforward and economical system layout and installation
The system draws fresh make-ready air from an outside duct. Traveling through the blower, the air is heated to 160 degrees Fahrenheit and delivered to your drying room through ductwork. These ducts are configured for your specific dimensions with modular components supplied by a supplier or contractor of your choice. This clean, dry air is circulated through your drying room and amongst the rugs on your hanging system with a disruption fans of your choice. An exhaust fan continuously evacuates the warm, humid air with a recommended airflow rate specified by Cambridge.

Easy system operation
A single, specially designed panel is provided with easy to operate controls. To begin, turn the system ON with the key, rotate the setback timer for six hours, or another desired time up to 12 hours. Simple as that. When the system starts, heated air is delivered to the room and the exhaust vent vanes automatically open, pulling the warm, moist air out of the room.

The result: even, steady and predictable evaporation of moisture in the rugs in less than 6 hours
The Centrum Force Direct-Fired Rug Drying Room System quickly raises the temperature in the room to between 125 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit where it remains for the entire drying cycle. Depending on your particular situation, rugs are typically dry within to 5-6 hours. This plays an important role is arresting the development of microbes during the drying process. Centrum Force is proud to have collaborated with Cambridge Engineering to bring cost-effective, affordable and PREDICTABLE rug drying to rug cleaning professionals everywhere.

Prices are subject to change without notice due to the unstable costs of steel.

Price: $7,950.00*

*plus shipping, estimated at $375

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Product Name: Cambridge Heater SA250
Typical Dimensions (L x W x H): 106.25 x 21 x 21.75
Control Panel Dimensions (L x W x H): 9 x 5 x 14
Temperature: 160 Degrees Fahrenheit
Electric Supply: 115V/1PH/60HZ
Electric Motor: 3/4 HP
Electric Current: 12.3 Amps (FLA)
Gas Supply: Natural Gas
Gas Max Pressure: 115V/1PH/60HZ

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