Automatic Rug Duster 14’

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A beautifully engineered, feature-rich, highly effective system for high-throughput rug dusting.

Centrum Force’s well known Automatic Rug Duster is our premium, in-plant rug duster. Meticulously engineered for reliable high volume use, the ARD gently and thoroughly removes dust and dirt particulates from rugs of all kinds and shapes. The unit features a moving metal conveyor grid bed that gently guides rugs under a bank of rotating beater straps. The viewing windows permits the operator to examine the rugs as they pass under the straps and adjust the grid bed’s speed and progress according to the amount of the embedded soil.

Below the bed, debris falls into an easy to clean tray while airborne particulates flow through an overhead duct into an optional dust collection system.

Also available in 16 and 19 foot widths

The Automatic Rug Duster’s moving grid conveyor and rotating beaters straps provide effective but gentle particulate removal while protecting fibers and fringes.

Optional dust removal systems removes airborne dust particulates.

Layout and Workflow Flexibility
The Automatic Rug Duster can be factory configured for either front or rear exit of
dusted rugs. This enables maximum workflow/layout flexibility.

The ARD enables simultaneously dusting different sizes, shapes and types of rugs.

Prices are subject to change without notice due to the unstable costs of steel.

Price: $55,200.00

Product Name: Automatic Rug Dusting Machine - 14' Conveyor Bed
Dimensions (L x W x H): 184 x 45 x 75
Electrical Requirements: 220/30 amp
Weight: 4400lbs

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