Mytee Dry Upholstery Tool

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The Ultimate Carpet Cleaning Package
The new Mytee Dry™ is unlike any upholstery tool on the market with a unique Comfort Grip handle that eliminates strain to the wrist and a durable stainless steel glide that allows for fluid back-and-forth cleaning motions. The easy-access adjustable flow valve makes the Mytee Dry™ perfect for any cleaning job, from automotive detailing to upholstery cleanings.

The push⁄pull portable rug dusting machine has a handle that rotates 180 degrees. The on⁄off lever is conveniently located on the handlebar. The body housing is made out of sturdy 12 gauge steel, and the motor housing is 16 gauge steel. This robust design helps our machine run quietly by limiting the vibration common in other machines.

The SOS Sub-Surface Extraction Tool from StainOut System is perfect for getting rid of spots and odors on carpet and upholstery. You will also get 1 Quart of Smiley Paws Urine, Stain, and Odor Remover. This formula is hypoallergenic and made of all-natural ingredients, so it is safe to use around pets and children.

Mytee Dry™ Uses:

  • Automotive detailing. Easily clean headliners, seats, and car mats without soaking!
  • Upholstery. Sofas, pillows, chairs, Mytee Dry™ can do it all.
  • Mattresses. Quick drying times make mattress cleaning a breeze.
  • Curtains. Gentle enough for delicate fabrics.

Mytee Dry™ Features:

  • Patent Pending
  • New soft-feel Comfort Grip for reduced operator strain
  • Nylon housing for a strong and lightweight, user-friendly tool
  • Clear top allows user to see dirt and grime being extracted
  • Easy-access adjustable flow valve
  • Sleek design eliminates valve lever catching on fabrics
  • 4 stainless steel glide eliminates overspray and dripping
  • Increased airflow and faster drying times
  • Spray bar with 22 individual spray orifices for even spray pattern. No more streaking!
  • New Snap-n-Lok™ Cuff Lynx™ makes for easy solution hose replacement
  • New vacuum relief valve allows you to reduce suction power for more delicate fabrics
  • Built in hose swivel

SOS Tool Uses:

  • Carpet. Perform sub-surface extraction on difficult spots and odors.
  • Automotive detailing. Soak up excess water from seats and car mats.
  • Upholstery. Extract liquids and odors from cushions.
  • Mattresses. Go beyond surface cleaning to target difficult spots and odors.

Price: $489.00

Package Includes:

  • Mytee Carrying Pack made of water resistant closed-cell neoprene material
  • Mytee kneeling foam pad
  • New 15ft. vacuum & internal solution hose combo
  • Cuff-Lynx™ Hose Connector
  • Heatguard Hose Wrap
  • New Snap-n-Lok™ Cuff Lynx™
  • 1.5 vinyl cuff barb to barb fitting
  • Preinstalled, High Velocity Glides for edge and piping cleaning enhancement

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